Every donation this Christmas, provides a woman like Alisi with a glimmer of hope. Please donate today, and help more women like Alisi.

Alisi is a young woman who has made it her life’s mission to raise awareness about ovarian cancer, and help prevent as many women as possible from being diagnosed.

Alisi was only 23 years-old when she was diagnosed and spent last Christmas in hospital undergoing a life changing hysterectomy. Sadly, because of ovarian cancer, she will never be able to give birth to children of her own.

Despite Alisi’s diagnosis and all that she has been through, she has shown nothing but strength, resilience and optimism in the face of great adversity.

As a young woman starting her journey in life, Alisi’s stage 3 ovarian cancer diagnosis came to her as a complete shock.

Whilst Alisi knew about the risks of breast cancer, the need for check ups and the early warning signs, she knew nothing about ovarian cancer.

Thanks to the incredible work done over the past few decades to educate the public, Government funding into research and the high profile of this disease in the media, breast cancer survival rates are very high at approximately ninety percent.

Sadly, the situation isn’t the same for ovarian cancer.

With no advancement in the past thirty years in developing early detection methods, limited government funding and a low media profile, survival rates will continue to remain low unless we take action.

You can take action today by helping us change this by making a donation.

Your donation will help to continue funding our research efforts, as well as our awareness raising campaigns and help continue funding our online and telephone supporter services.

Our 1300 664 334 telephone support services provide crucial support to women and those affected by ovarian cancer between 9am and 5pm, weekdays, for the cost of only a local call. If you, or anyone you know has been ovarian cancer, please don't hesitate to call us for help and support.

This service is completely reliant on donations from kind generous people like you, and receives no Government funding.

Please donate this Christmas, we can't lower ovarian cancer rates and save the lives of more women without your donation.

Ovarian Cancer Australia

Ovarian Cancer Australia is the leading organisation taking action for Australians affected by ovarian cancer. We are committed to saving lives and supporting women through: providing specialised supports for women living with ovarian cancer, facilitating high-impact research to improve outcomes for women, and raising awareness on a national scale to ensure every Australian knows ovarian cancer. Together, we can make a difference.

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